• Original Ultra Fiber Cereal
  • Original Ultra Fiber Cereal
  • Original Ultra Fiber Cereal
  • Original Ultra Fiber Cereal
  • Original Ultra Fiber Cereal

Original Ultra Fiber Cereal

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Get going. Feel like a boss with the highest fiber cereal on the market. Just one serving will get you 84% of your daily fiber intake. Great for constipation relief, digestion and to help support your gut health.



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Cereally Healthy, But Not Boring

  • 84%

    of your daily fiber intake

  • 23g

    fiber per serving

  • All Natural

    plant based, gluten free, non gmo

  • Prebiotic

  • Non GMO

  • No Artificial Colors

  • Gluten Free

  • No Palm Oil


Non-GMO Corn Bran, White Pearled Sorghum Flour, Ground Psyllium Fiber, Oliggo-Fiber Inulin, Corn Starch Non-GMO, Raw Cane Sugar, Sodium Bicarbonate, Purified Sea Salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews

This cereal, how do I say it? I don't know how to express my gratitude to the company that produced such a wonderful product. I haven't pooped like this in decades, I feel young again. And my skin, after only one box, looks healthy and vibrant: I'm sure this stuff works better than a detox. After suffering from years of chronic halitosis, my breath smells great my new girlfriend tells me. I feel super attractive!


I happened across this on Amazon when I was miserable due to a medication I was taking. The name made me laugh and I just had to try it. Everyone can benefit from the amount of fiber in a serving. I eat 2 servings a day (I worked my way up to 2). One thing I do is I use a ready to drink protein shake instead of regular milk. I need more protein and this makes it easy to get more in. I use all flavors, but I especially like Premier's Cinnamon Roll and their Root Beer Float. If you ever have a question, I recommend emailing their customer service (address is on the box). Their customer service has a fun sense of humor!

Chuck B

üòÇ Exactly as advertised. Love it! I'm a champion!

Cool Glasses , Not suited for Honduras =(

Havent use it by Imagine it is.

C Dub

I have a feeling this will be an acquired taste for most of the population. I am not a picky eater , have a good sense of taste and smell and am very tolerant, maybe that's why I like it. However, an honest assessment of the taste is that maybe it does taste a little bit like little processed cardboard pellets or stale unsweetened graham crackers. What you are really tasting is the psyllium in the cereal, of which I personally do not mind the taste. It works as advertised. I didn't have any embarrassing or urgent bathroom moments but I did have a good BM. You wanna know when it's a good BM? When you don't have to wipe after going. Obviously, you're gonna wipe due to force of habit but when the TP comes back as clean as a whistle and you are tempted to unfold the toilet paper you just used and put it back on the roll for someone else to use, that's when you know. It's a clean getaway, no skid marks, no tracks. No axle grease poop left behind in the weeds of the back door. I love this stuff and I thought it was a joke when my sister sent it to me. I would continue to eat it if not for the cost. I will stick to my psyllium fiber pills that I take daily. That's a bigger digestive bang for your intestinal buck.