Our Mission Is Simple:

get you pooping again.

The Poop Problem

Back in 2018, we discovered that millions of Americans suffer chronic constipation every day. A separate study showed that 3 out of 5 people who do, don’t bring it up to their healthcare provider.

Being clogged up and not being able to talk about it is just painful. You can get brain fog, fatigue and other physical and mental health problems that prevent you from living your best life.

The Champion Solution

So, we did some careful R&D on how to make the best quality, high fiber products without the gunk. That’s why all our products are non-GMO, gluten and wheat free using only natural sources of fiber. We wanted to get to the point. Our champion formula consists of both insoluble and soluble fiber to aid digestion and help support gut health for all ages. Plus, we’ve made it easy for you with simple breakfasts and healthy snacks to fit your routine.

We're not joking when we say we are the highest fiber cereal on the market.

Fiber Net Carbs Calories Gluten Free
PLAC Original

23g 👑



PLAC Cinnamon Toast

19g 👑



Kellogg's All-Bran




Fiber One Honey




Kashi Go




Eat cereal. Poop. Repeat.

Don’t wait on it. Clear that sh*t out.
Not convinced? Check out our articles below:

To quote our certified health specialist: “each fiber has a job, and when the two are combined, it takes pooping to the next level.”

Fibers are extremely important in supporting your gastrointestinal (GI) health and helps your food pass smoothly through the digestive system.

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- You poop less than 3 times a week.

- You have to strain when you poop or are in pain .

- Your poo is often large and dry, hard or lumpy

If any of the above apply to you, then yes, you are very much constipated, friend. But don't worry! Poop Like a Champion can help with that!

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Start the day with a bowl (1 serving) of our Original Ultra Fiber cereal or Cinnamon Toast high fiber cereal.

Each serving way more than half of the daily fiber you need. Our Original Ultra Fiber Cereal is also the highest fiber cereal on the market with a whopping 23 grams of fiber per serving!

And unlike others, it’s a low carb cereal too, with only 105 calories per serving (Cinnamon Toast is still only 160 calories per serving!). The saying ‘breakfast for champions’ exists for a reason!

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