How To Poop Like A Champion

Here's all you need to know on how to live, love and poop like a champion.

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You might first ask: how would you actually define a ‘champion poop’? For this, we can consult the bible of poops aka the Bristol Stool Chart:


In summary, a Champion Poop = a nice long shape, solid, slides out easily without painful straining.

But it’s really not that easy for everyone. We get it, we truly do. Despite what movies and books say, most people aren’t really born champions - you gotta work for it.

Pooping good and having healthy poops depends on a few things:

1. A regular, healthy diet that is
 high in fiber
2. Plenty of water, hydration and rest

With the above and a bit of patience, you’ll be champion pooping Monday through Sunday.

So, what kind of champion are you? And how can we help you get there?


You’re an early riser. You like to get the day started on the right *toot*, if you will. You love a good breakfast, but sometimes even a strong coffee won’t get your bowels moving.

Start the day with a bowl (1 serving) of our Original Ultra Fiber cereal or Cinnamon Toast high fiber cereal.

Each serving way more than half of the daily fiber you need. Our Original Ultra Fiber Cereal is also the highest fiber cereal on the market with a whopping 23 grams of fiber per serving!

And unlike others, it’s a low carb cereal too, with only 105 calories per serving (Cinnamon Toast is still only 160 calories per serving!). The saying ‘breakfast for champions’ exists for a reason!


You’re not really a breakfast person. You’re a busy human bee, buzzing off here and there for work, household chores, everyday chores and you just don’t have the time or headspace to always think about your diet.

Keep a bag of healthy high Fiber ACV Gummies on you as you go about your busy day. They’re way easier to chew and swallow than pills, AND they taste great! Apple cider vinegar also has a whole range of health benefits like aiding weight loss, reducing cholesterol and reducing blood sugar levels. We recommend 4 to 6 of these a day for a few days to do the trick.


So you’re not really too bothered about having to poop throughout the day. You really just want to have a good night’s sleep and think about dropping the kids off at the pool later.


Have a cup of Super Senna Peppermint Tea before you sleep. A 100% natural laxative, this herbal tea is completely caffeine-free and will help you to take a load of when you wake up the next morning for the ultimate colon cleanse. Peppermint also helps with bloating and gas.

And there you have it. Don’t miss a day of champion pooping - you can stock up your pantry and gift high fiber treats to your constipated friends and neighbors with our discounted bundles! Happy Pooping :)


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