• Super Senna Peppermint Tea
  • Super Senna Peppermint Tea
  • Super Senna Peppermint Tea
  • Super Senna Peppermint Tea
  • Super Senna Peppermint Tea
  • Super Senna Peppermint Tea

Super Senna Peppermint Tea

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Crafted from premium senna & peppermint leaves, this mild laxative tea offers a natural solution for gentle and effective detox. Designed to promote smooth bowel movements and relieve occasional constipation, each sip is a step towards digestive well-being.

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Ann Grogan
The Answer to a Lifelong Battle!

A few months ago I turned 80 years old, and all my life I dealt with constipation fairly regularly. Interestingly, this is partly due to an extra-long colon, according to the doctor conducting my last colonoscopy at age 75. I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. Of course it became worse as I aged. I tried everything (absent Linzess which is outside of my insurance coverage and at $500 a month, is beyond absurd, especially for a retired senior!), but nothing seemed to work -- until my new Kaiser primary care doctor recommended I try one more product: Senna tea. I found an unopened box I purchased at least five years ago and tried it. It took a few days to sort out how much and when to drink the tea (I settled on one small teacup every night) and until then, I experienced a few uncomfortable intestinal spasms and rumblings. I then compared this product with another popular Senna tea product on the market, but settled on this brand because it clearly tastes and works the best for me. I'm so grateful to have finally found relief! Energy and zest have come back into my life, and I can finally expect continuing success in managing this lifelong health challenge!

Doug Schmidt

Good product. Does what it says it supposed to do.

Tori D

I NEVER write Amazon reviews/reviews in general but I have to do write one for this. The past few years I’ve been dealing with horrible chronic constipation for some reason (wouldn’t be able to poop for like days/a week or so at a time). Literally tried everything, regularly take pre/probiotics, different supplements and whatever. Nothing helped except for straight up laxatives but I don’t want to do that obvi. I was recommended this tea and have been taking it consistently for months now and wow!!!! Literally drink the tea and about 5-7 hours later I’ll poop but as a normal bowl movement (if you know what I mean). I drink it every other day because every day was too much for me (diarrhea central lol) and it’s CHANGED MY LIFE! I’m regular now thanks to this tea!! Thank you!!! Try it out if you’re like how I was because god knows we’re all desperate when it comes to chronic constipation


It works.


Does just as it says!